BeatMyTradeIn’s “Terms and Conditions”, “Terms of Usage” and “Privacy” Policies


All of BeatMyTradeIn (Pty) Ltd and any of its affiliated companies and products, which may include software, services, products and website/s, will be referred to as “services” and BeatMyTradeIn (Pty) Ltd and any of its affiliated companies will be referred to as “BeatMyTradeIn” in this document. 

BeatMyTradeIn respects your privacy and is committed to protecting all information you have provided. 

BeatMyTradeIn analyses all data collected through our services for market research reasons. 

BeatMyTradeIn stores and uses all information that is collected from the use of our services. 

BeatMyTradeIn will never release your personal information to a non-relevant third party. In all cases, you consent to BeatMyTradeIn disclosing to third parties (motor importers/manufacturers, motor dealerships, financial institutions etc) your details as provided by you in any form of contact that you have made with us through our services and that we have deemed relevant for us to supply you with our service offerings. 

BeatMyTradeIn is not responsible for the conduct of motor dealerships, financial institutions, private sellers and any other 3rd party that may be represented within our service offerings as BeatMyTradeIn is neither an agent nor partner of these entities. 

It is further clearly understood and agreed that BeatMyTradeIn will not be liable for any loss suffered, damages sustained or other types of liabilities to persons whether natural or legal utilising the BeatMyTradeIn website under any circumstances nor does BeatMyTradeIn give any warranties or undertakings in respect of the vehicles that appear on its website. 

BeatMyTradeIn makes no representations, whether express or implied regarding the vehicles that appear on it’s website, nor does BeatMyTradeIn give any guarantees or warranties regarding the vehicle, it’s type, make, condition, mileage or ownership or any other information pertinent to the vehicle that appears on the BeatMyTradeIn website. 

BeatMyTradeIn endeavours to use service providers that are registered with their industry relevant authority organizations and associations (this includes motor dealerships and licensed financial institutions). 

BeatMyTradeIn respects the user’s right to be able to remove their name from any BeatMyTradeIn mailing/newsletter list. This can be done at any time through the functionality supplied via our services. 

BeatMyTradeIn is not accountable for, will not guarantee, cannot guarantee and waivers all liability from the information, opinions and graphics that depict the new vehicles, used vehicles and any other products throughout our services. 

BeatMyTradeIn offers no recourse what so ever for any vehicle that is available through any of our services. 

BeatMyTradeIn reserves the right to email you with any form of relevant information, should you have made use of any of our services. 

BeatMyTradeIn does not, and will not, trade “email address lists” or “email address databases”. 

Should you use any of the BeatMyTradeIn services, BeatMyTradeIn will accept that you have agreed to, understood and are legally allowed to accept the “Terms and Conditions”, “Terms of Usage” and “Privacy” policies and procedures from that point onwards. 

BeatMyTradeIn has the right to change their policies from time to time. 

BeatMyTradeIn does however reserve the right to determine who uses, and how they use any of the services on offer. 

BeatMyTradeIn shall not be held liable for any damage or loss that you may have incurred, in any form or manner what so ever during the use of, or anything related to, the services that BeatMyTradeIn have to offer. 

Should you have any concerns, you are welcome to direct them to BeatMyTradeIn in writing, to:
Legal Department
P.O.Box 266
Ridge Terrace
South Africa

BeatMyTradeIn will endeavour to address your concern as soon as possible, and should BeatMyTradeIn not be able to address your concern in an appropriate manner, BeatMyTradeIn will use the correct and industry relevant authorities with regard to dispute and resolution associations that are available in South Africa.