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Frequently Asked Questions beatmytradein.co.za

How will I be paid for my vehicle ?
The most secure way of cash payment is EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) . Dealers will use this option, and you will receive confirmation. You are not obliged to go ahead with any transaction of sale until you have received payment.

I am trying to load my vehicle but I cannot find it on the website.
We do accommodate all South African vehicles, even older model ones. However in the event of you not finding your exact vehicle to load, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.  One of our friendly agents will assist you in loading your vehicle.  Contact us on info@beatmytradein.co.za

What happens if I do not get the description of my car 100% correct?
The dealers price offered is based on your description of the vehicle. If the dealers comes out to view the vehicle after the offer, they may adjust their offer based on the exact description and condition of your vehicle.

I do not have a E-Natis / registration document?
If your car is still financed, you can get a copy from your bank or alternatively apply for a copy from your nearest Vehicle Registering Authority.
The forms that will need to be filled in is a CDV and DCT which can also be downloaded from www.enatis.com Remember you can only sell vehicles that you own, and the responsibility to prove ownership will rest on you.

What happens if I have outstanding finance on my car?
Please get your latest settlement letter from your Finance house before proceeding. You can opt to settle the car yourself after the dealer pays you or the dealer can settle on your behalf

I don’t know how much to ask for my car, can Beatmytradein.co.za help?
Yes, please contact us with your vehicle details on info@beatmytradein.co.za

How much does it cost me to sell my car?
It costs you, the seller, Zero Rand to sell your car through us! Mahala! Gratis! Free!

How long will the entire sale process take?
If you accept the dealers offer, you car could be sold in as little as 24 hours.  If not we will keep exposing your car to our dealer network for a one month period.

How will I know what the highest bid / offer is?
You will receive an sms and an email with every offer placed.  You can also log into Beat My Trade In to view your offers

What happens when I accept the highest bid/offer?
The dealer will contact you, or you can contact the dealer to make the relevant viewing, payment and delivery arrangements.

My car is a Non-runner, can I still load it?
Yes you can, as long as you state the full and detailed description of your vehicle.

Why do you need my personal contact information?
This information is viewed by the dealer as to verify the owner of the vehicle that offers will be placed on.

Can I sell my commercial vehicle?
Yes, you can load all types of vehicles onto Beatmytradein.co.za

Can I sell my motorcycle?
Yes, you can load motorcycles onto Beat My Trade In as well

How is Beatmytradein.co.za different to other sites?
Beatmytradein.co.za is an industry first, allowing you the consumer to sell your vehicle directly to a dealer by utilizing the same system that dealers have been using for years.

Why is there no charge?
Car dealers are always looking for cars. We are able to leverage a 0 percent charge because we load your vehicle into an auction platform that has over 2000 dealers who pay to see YOUR vehicle on offer! This service is now pushing to get volumes through its auction platform, and charge dealers to find and buy YOUR vehicles.